IDEAS is our Social Media Content Hub: 

It collects the best performing Social Media content and it shows you more than 2 million fresh new trending posts from all over the world!

IDEAS has 2 menus: 

  • the 1st menu allows you to switch between the following sections:
    • TOP CONTENT: the best content of the selected period, order by Total User Interactions
    • IDEAS: random posts from the top 25% of the best content of the selected period
    • FAVORITES: your saved posts

  • the 2nd menu allows you to filter the results for:
    • SOCIAL NETWORK: Facebook or Instagram 
    • MARKETS: Standard Markets + 2 Custom Markets for IDEAS, Standard Markets + Unlimited Custom Markets for IDEAS+
    • TYPES: post types
    • KEYWORD: Available only for IDEAS+
    • PERIOD: 7 Days available for IDEAS and IDEAS+, Other Periods available only for IDEAS+

Each post is shown as below:

1. You can save it, clicking on the HEART

2. You can do a multi-selection, clicking on the BULK ACTION 

3. You can see the multimedia content, clicking on the PLAY 

4. You can also:

- See the content on social

- Report the wrong market 

If you need other info visit our website or contact us