With IDEAS you can monitor specific pages, creating your CUSTOM MARKETS. 

You can create a new Custom Markets from 2 different points (A. and B.), as you can see in the following screenshot:

If you click on them, you will open the following popup

Add the market name and click on NEXT

Use the search bar to find the pages you want to monitor

Write the name of the brand you want to add and choose the page, clicking on it

Add all the pages you want to monitor and click on DONE

Check the pages' list and:

1. if the market is completed, click on SAVE

2. a. if you want to add a new page, click on the PLUS 

2. b. if you want to delete the Market, click on the TRASH

3. if you want to create a new market, click on +MARKET

What's a SWAP?
The swap is the number of time you can change a channel in a market.

If you need to edit your custom market, click on the EDIT in the Market Dropdown

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